Salt Tolerant Varieties of Paddy Cultivated:
GEF-UNDP-SGP and Paribesh Unnayan Parishad (PUPA), West Bengal

GEF-UNDP-SGP interventions facilitated in improving the agro biodiversity in the coastal areas of Sunderbans which is affected by intrusion of saline water from the sea during the devastating cyclone (AILA) of 2009 and also afterwards. The project promotes conservation and sustainable utilization of indigenous agro-biodiversity resources, particularly salt tolerant varieties of paddy and empowering the farmers with organic farming technologies.

1787 women SHG members and 914 farmers from 31 villages of Patharpratima and Sagar blocks were benefited. Nearly 102 traditional varieties of Paddy including 15 varieties of salt tolerant ones was cultivated in 535 hectares of land.

More than 200 hectares of land has been brought under improved land use and climate proofing practices through organic farming interventions of Paribesh Unnayan Parishad, West Bengal. Farmers have been trained on tree based cultivation and Integrated Farming System.