Land Degradation:- Land resources degrade due to natural causes such as drought, soil erosion etc or manmade reasons such as excessive use of chemical pesticides which poison the land thus rendering it useless. The projects under Land Degradation involve the integrated management of land resources and emphasize on the prevention of such issues such as degradation, loss of soil fertility etc.

The activities that come under the GEF UNDP SGP on Land Degradation are as follows:

  • 1. Protection of biodiversity and promote the sustainable use in arid and semi arid ecosystems.
  • 2. Prevent deforestation and promote the sustainable use and management of forest resources in order to conserve the biodiversity.
  • 3. Promotion of integrated watershed management, soil conservation, afforestation,organic farming and the prevention of forest fires.
  • 4. Projects that address policy and other barriers to mitigating land degradation such as land tenure , access to natural resources to name a few.

As climate change has a huge impact on the way crops are grown, any sudden change in the weather conditions may have a severe impact. With agriculture being the main source of income for a large part of the population, implementation of projects that tackle Land Degradation is of top priority.