How to apply ?

1. Proposals with annexure should be submitted to the respective CEE Regional Cell in the prescribed format.
Click here for Proposal format (Form -1)

2.Ongoing projects can find the documents here, Mid-Term Review, Project Progress Report and Final Report.
Click here for Quarterly Progress Report (Form - 2)
Click here for the Mid-Term Report for NGO (Form - 3)
Click here for the Mid-Term Report for Reviewer (Form - 4)
Click here for the Final Report for NGO (Form - 5)
Click here for the Final Report for Reviewer (Form - 6)

What will happen to the proposal once it is submitted ?
1. Once a proposal is submitted, CEE Regional Cell will put forward the proposal to the Regional Committee comprising experts from the area.

2. The regional committee would give recommendations as well as detailed comments for successful operationalization of the project, for the consideration of the National Steering Committee (NSC).

3. The National Coordinator would review all the proposals for consistency across regions, ideas addressing gender concerns, sustainability of community actions, institutional processes and 'GEF ability' of the idea.

4. The NSC will take the final decision on the proposal and also give comments and recommendations for modifications, operationalization, etc. in the case of selected proposals.

5. Decisions of the NSC will be communicated to the applicants.