Thematic Areas covered are- Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change, Land Degradation and Multifocal

S.No Project No. Project Name Thematic Area NGO OP SGP Approved Funds (USD)
1. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/BD/2017/103/RAJ05 Upscaling honey collection activities in Udaipur, Rajasthan Biodiversity Rajasthan Forest Produce collectors and processor group support society (Samarthak Society) OP-05 $ 13878
2. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/18/RAJ01 Conservation of water use for mitigating droughts through replication and shared learning (MDRS) Biodiversity Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS) OP-05 $ 38710
3. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/19/RAJ02 Rajasthan Forest Produce Collectors and Processors Groups Support Society (Samarthak Samiti) Biodiversity Rajasthan Forest Produce Collectors and Processors Groups Support Society (Samarthak Samiti) OP-05 $ 31210
4. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/20/RAJ03 Promotion and Conservation of Agro-Biodiversity Impacting Community Livelihoods and Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Dausa District in Rajasthan Biodiversity, Land Degradation and Climate Change Gramin Vigyan Seva Sansthan OP-05 $ 28839
5. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/2/RAJ04 Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods for locals from risks and affects of Climate Change Variability on agricultural production Climate Change Gram Vikas Navyuvak Mandal (GVNML) OP-05 $ 31174
6. IND/SGP/OP4/Y1/RAF/2008/06/RAJ21 Land upgradation and biodiversity conservation by empowerment of Migrant labour households through management of land and agricultural resources Conservation of Biodiversity SANGAM SANSTHAN OP-04 $ 37546
7. IND/SGP/OP4/Y1/RAF/2008/08/RAJ22 Develop Sustainable Choice for Leather Scraps and minimize Air Pollution Climate Change Jaipur Zila Vikas Parisad OP-04 $ 2335
8. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/50/RAJ26 Use of Jatropha oil as a fuel to supplement/replace kerosene Climate Change Social Policy Research Institute OP-04 $ 33015
9. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/67/RAJ27 Strengthening conservation and local livelihoods in forest and tribal dominated landscapes within and around Kumbhalgrah Wildlife Sanctuary in southern Aravalis, Rajasthan Conservation of Biodiversity Foundation for Ecological Security OP-04 $ 49870
10. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/68/RAJ28 Promotion of Sustainable Land Use and Protection of Biodiversity in Semi Arid Ravines Region through Community Action Conservation of Biodiversity Society for Sustainable Development OP-04 $ 32502
11. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/69/RAJ29 Community Entrepreneurship approach to sustain livelihood of forest dwellers in remote tribal areas of Rajasthan Conservation of Biodiversity Rajasthan Forest Produce Collectors and Processors Group Support Society Udaipur (SAMARTHAK Samiti) OP-04 $ 2168
12. IND50/SGP/OP4/UNDPCO/08/07/RAJ23 Promotion and conservation of Agro-Bio-Diversity with Indigenous Knowledge in rural area of Dausa District in Rajasthan Biodiversity Gramin Vigyan Seva Sansthan OP-04 $ 2000
13. IND50/SGP/OP4/UNDPCO/08/12/RAJ24 Evolving a livelihood and ecological security based approach for revitalization of Makradi River basin Biodiversity and Land Degradation Prayatna Samiti OP-04 $ 50000
14. IND50/SGP/OP4/UNDPCO/08/13/RAJ25 Enhancing Food Security and Agricultural Incomes through Information and Services for Migration Dependent Households in Kotda Block Biodiversity Kotda Adivasi Sansthan OP-04 $ 43749
15. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/05/RAJ16 Scaling up of Animal Husbandry and Empowering Women through Credit, Self Help and Alternative Fuels/Energy Sources Multifocal IBTADA OP-03 $ 19230
16. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/06/RAJ17 Initiating Process of revival of the life and livelihood through biodiversity of Jaisamand catchment area Biodiversity Prayatna Samiti OP-03 $ 2235
17. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/06/RAJ18 A pilot study in Understanding life (Problems and Ways ahead) after floods in Barmer Climate Change Dhara Sanathan OP-03 $ 2235
18. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/07/RAJ19 Advocacy Programme for Restoration of Orans through community actions for local biodiversity impacting local favorable policies and community livelihoods Biodiversity Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan OP-03 $ 38312
19. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/07/RAJ20 Community led participatory initiatives using local knowledge for water harvesting for promoting rural development in the remote areas of Alwar district in Rajasthan Climate Change PHD Rural Development Foundation OP-03 $ 43744
20. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/RJ/04 Promoting Animal Husbandry as Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Women leading to Ecological Conservation Bidiversity IBTADA OP-02 $ 17059
21. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/RJ/07 Create awareness to develop resources to conserve the biodiversity with local initiatives Biodiversity Magra Mewar Vikas Sanstha OP-02 $ 30813
22. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/RJ/06 Demonstrating a process for the revival of Jaisamand Lake Climate Change Prayatna Samiti OP-02 $ 27270
23. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/RJ/09 Strengthening traditional livelihood system of desert community through Agro-forestry and Horticulture practices Biodiversity Lok Kalyan Sansthan OP-02 $ 31579
24. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/RJ/08 Land and water management leading towards biodiversity conservation Climate Change + Land degradation Consumer Unity and Trust society (CUTS) OP-02 $ 29474
25. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/RJ/10 Restoration of biodiversity of sand dunes and their worth in economy of desert area Biodiversity Shanti Maitri Mission Sansthan OP-02 $ 27807
26. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/RJ/11 Sustainable and equitable natural resources management in Onkar Watershed Biodiversity + Land Degradation Hanuman Van Vikas Samiti OP-02 $ 32879
27. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/RJ/12 Comprehensive model of biodiversity management in the Aravali mountain ranges in Bhindar block, Udaipur district, Rajasthan Biodiversity Sahayog Sansthan OP-02 $ 33648
28. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/RJ/13 Participatory water harvesting technologies promoting land development Climate Change PHD Rural Development Foundation OP-02 $ 32942
29. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/RJ/014 Strengthening role of panchayat in re-establishing biodiversity in Scuther Aravali hills Biodiversity Alert Sansthan OP-02 $ 33432
30. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/04/RJ/15 Institutionalizing organic approach in land upgradation to optimize livelihood of poor families Biodiversity + Land degradation Mahan Seva Sansthan OP-02 $ 32115
31. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/01/RJ02 Sensitivity to use of environmental resources and conservation Multifocal Vidya Bhawan OP-02 $ 16744
32. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/02/RJ03 Revival of Indigenous biodiversity management systems ‘ORAN’ through community participation in North Aravali Hills Biodiversity Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan OP-02 $ 11547
33. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/02/RJ05 Sustainable livelihood development through land and water management Biodiversity Society for Sustainable Development OP-02 $ 20785
34. SGP/GEF/IND/OP1/2000/RJ01 Biodiversity conservation and participatory technology development for agriculture in Udaipur Biodiversity Mahan Seva Sansthan OP-01 $ 17214