Thematic Areas covered are – Biodiversity Conservation

S.No Project No. Project Name Thematic Area NGO OP SGP Approved Funds (USD)
1. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/BD/STAR/2013/42/MGH01 Conservation and Regeneration of Biodiversity in the Indigenous Sacred (Grove) Forest, Community and Village Forest, Clan Forest and Private Forests in Meghalaya Biodiversity Society for Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge and Practices (SPIKAP) OP-05 $ 39127
2. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/39/MEG02 Biodiversity Conservation in Community Forests and its use for Sustainable Piggery management and Organic Farming, in 14 villages of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya Conservation of Biodiversity Bethany Society OP-04 $ 23309
3. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/03/07/MEG01 Biodiversity Conservation in community forest and its use for sustainable piggery management and organic farming through the use o indigenous microorganism Biodiversity Bethany Society OP-03 $ 2469
4. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/01/MGH01 Contour-Hedgerow-Farming technology Biodiversity Bethany Society OP-02 $ 13649