Madhya Pradesh

Thematic Areas covered- Climate Change, Land Degradation, Conservation of Biodiversity

S.No Project No. Project Name Thematic Area NGO OP SGP Approved Funds (USD)
1. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/24/MP01 Conservation of Natural Resources and Strengthening of livelihood security for three tribal communities of Parsmania Pathar Climate Change and Biodiversity Sarjana Samajik Sankratik & Sahitiyak Manch OP-05 $ 33710
2. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/28/MP02 Linking Conservation of Riverine Resources with Sustainable livelihood: North Eastern Godavari basin, India Land Degradation Samvardhan Samaj Vikas Sanstha OP-05 $ 2419
3. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/30/MP03 Up scaling Reclamation of ravines through endogenous technology & in-situ conservation of local biodiversity, and strengthen the livelihood security Land Degradation and Biodiversity Sujagriti Samaj Sevi Sanstha OP-05 $ 40013
4. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/31/MP04 Conservation, collection and multiplicity of traditional seeds for safeguarding biodiversity in tribal areas Climate Change and Biodiversity Society For Resource Integration and Development Action (SRIDA) OP-05 $ 41274
5. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/CC/STAR/2014/55/MP05 Sustainable Management of Plastic Waste and Increased Livelihoods for Sarthak Karmis (SKs) in partnership with Bhopal Municipal Corporation Climate Change Sarthak Samudayik Vikas Evam Jan Kalyan Sanstha OP-05 $ 48112
6. IND/SGP/OP5/Y4/BD/STAR/2015/69/MP06 Local land based integrated approach to reduce vulnerability, climate change adaptation in the areas and hunger among Korku tribes Biodiversity Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti OP-05 $ 46337
7. IND/SGP/OP5/Y4/BD/STAR/2015/70/MP07 Increase conservation, agricultural productivity, food security and economic conditions of the PVTGs-BAIGAS in the climatic variability conditions Biodiversity Gram Sudhar Samiti OP-05 $ 28697
8. IND/SGP/OP5/Y4/BD/STAR/2015/71/MP08 Strengthening community action for ex-situ conservation of Gugal species for revine reclamation on Ater block of Bhind Biodiversity Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Seva Parishad OP-05 $ 21782
9. IND/SGP/OP5/Y4/BD/STAR/2015/72/MP09 Improving Agro Economy and Livelihood Approaches for Primitive tribe Saharias of Gwalior Chambal Region Biodiversity Nishwarth Sarthak Orayas Avem Pariwar Kalyan Samiti OP-05 $ 32120
10. IND/SGP/OP5/Y4/BD/STAR/2015/73/MP10 Securing and Enhancing Land and Livelihood Opportunities among Saharia tribes of Chambal region in Sheopur District Biodiversity Dharti Gramotthan Ewam Shabhagi Gramin Vikas Samiti OP-05 $ 31298
11. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/LD/2015/82/MP11 Improving Agro Ecology and Livelihood Approaches for Sahariya tribe in Shivpuri Land Degradation Parhit Samaj Seva Sanstha OP-05 $  29381
12. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/LD/2015/83/MP12 Improving Agro Ecology and Livelihood Approached for PTG-Sahariya in Guna District Land Degradation KALPTARU VIKAS SAMITI OP-05 $ 29440
13. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/CC/2015/85/MP13 Community led livestock support systems for climate resilient agrarian livelihoods to reduce excess dependency on forest resources in Udainagar block of Dewas district, MP Climate Change Udainagar Pragati Samiti OP-05 $ 43945
14. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/CC/2016/94/MP14 Non chemical Pesticide Management with small and marginal women farmers in tribal rain-fed clusters in Kannod block of Dewas, Madhya Pradesh Climate Change Kantaphod Pragati Sameeti OP-05 $ 43341
15. IND/SGP/OP4/Y1/RAF/2008/14/MP14 Reclamation of ravines through endogenous technology & ex-situ conservation of local biodiversity in Piprai Panchayat of Morena District in Madhya Pradesh Climate Change and Biodiversity Sujagrit Samaj Sevi Sanstha OP-04 $ 31808
16. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/46/MP15 To promote conservation of locally threatened medicinal plants species and improving livelihood of Sahariya Community through a bael micro-enterprise Conservation of Biodiversity Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sabha (MPVS) OP-04 $ 2123
17. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/48/MP16 Identify alternative for Fuelwood in Seoni District Climate Change Swatantra Yuva Shakti Sangathan OP-04 $ 2123
18. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2009/53/MP17 Establishment of environmentally and economically sustainable strategies for municipal solid waste management in Uijjain Climate Change Dronacharya Shikshan Samiti OP-04 $ 48832
19. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/58/MP18 Plastic Waste Management, check burning of waste plastics and Increased Livelihood of Rag Pickers in 5 Wards of Bhopal Municipal Coorperation Climate Change Sarthak Samudayik Vikas Avam Jan Kalyan Sanstha OP-04 $ 40631
20. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/65/MP19 Livelihoods Strengthening and Biodiversity Conservation for Food Security Conservation of Biodiversity Gram Sudhar Samiti OP-04 $ 34886
21. IND50/SGP/OP4/UNDPCO/07/04/MP13 Promoting Biodiversity conservation through local community based Eco Tourism approaches for better local Livelihoods Multifocal New Junoon Khel Yuvak Kalyan Aivem Samaj Kalyansamiti OP-04 $ 38494
22. IND50/SGP/OP4/UNDPCO/07/03/MP11 Environment Protection through Sustainable Livelihood of Tribal Biodiversity & Land Degradation Pradeepan Sanstha OP-04 $ 49974
23. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/05/MP03 Establishment of Environmentally and economically Sustainable Strategies for the processing of municipal solid waste in Ujjain POPs Dronacharya Shikshan Samiti, Ujjain OP-03 $ 31107
24. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/05/MP04 Sustainable Agriculture through Local Capacity Building Biodiversity Samavesh Society OP-03 $ 24363
25. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/05/MP05 Resource Centre for Medicinal Plant Cultivation Biodiversity JATAN Public Charitable Trust OP-03 $ 2182
26. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/06/MP06 Sustainable Land Management and Promotion of Farm and Non-Farm Livelihood Among A trbal Community in the Semi-Arid Tropics of India Land Degradation SAMRAKSHAN CHARITABLE TRUST OP-03 $ 24630
27. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/2/06/MP06 Promoting biodiversity conservation through local community based eco-tourism Biodiversity New Junoon Khel Yuvak Kalyan Aiwam Samaj OP-03 $ 2025
28. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/07/MP08 To Ensure Biodiversity Conservation through promoting traditional skill based livelihoods for the Pardhi Tribes Biodiversity Dalit Sangh OP-03 $ 33001
29. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/03/07/MP08 Strengthening Community action for ex-situ conservation of Guggal Species for ravine reclamation in Ater block of Bhind Biodiversity Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Seva Parishad OP-03 $ 2469
30. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/03/07/MP09 Reclamation of ravines through endogenous technology & ex-situ conservation of local biodiversity in Piprai Panchayat of Morena District in Madhya Pradesh Biodiversity + Land Development Sujagrati Samaj Sevi Sanstha OP-03 $ 2469
31. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/03/07/MP11 Strengthening livelihoods of tribal communities through conservation of biodiversity in 5 GPs of Uchera block of Satna District in Madhya Pradesh Biodiversity Sarjana Samajik Sanskrutik and Sahitik Manch OP-03 $ 17728
32. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/04/MP/02 Empowering Tribal Women Towards Conservation and Sustenance of Natural Resources in Distt. Betul, Madhya Pradesh Land Degradation Pradeepan Sansthan OP-02 $ 35112
33. SGP/GEF/IND/OP1/99/MP01 Augmentation of Energy needs through Biogas and Afforestation for Tribals Climate Change National Centre for Human Settlement & Environment (NCHSE) OP-01 $ 14274