Thematic Areas covered are - Climate Change and Bio diversity Conservation

S.No Project No. Project Name NGO Thematic Area OP No. SGP APPROVED GRANT (USD)
1. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/15/GUJ01 Conservation of local Cultivars and Increase in Pearl Millet production in Jasdan and Malia Block of Rajkot District in Gujarat Paryavaraniya
Vikas Kendra
Biodiversity OP-05 $ 16696
2. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/16/GUJ02 Sustainable livelihood through promotion of alternate energy resources in coastal villages of Bhavnagar District Vikas Samarthan Kendra Climate Change OP-05 $ 23361
3. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/17/GUJ03 Land use in the Fofal River Command Area Development Project Vruksha Prem Seva Trust Land Degradation OP-05 $ 16129
4. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/22/GUJ04 Promote a more sustainable Community led approach towards a Zero Waste City- responsible waste management Hunnarshala Foundation For Building Technology & Innovation Climate Change OP-05 $ 36702
5. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/LD/2016/87/GUJ05 Fofal River Command Area Development Project Part – 2 Vruksha Prem Seva Trust Land Degradation OP-05 $ 46606
6. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/BD/2016/98/GUJ06 Demonstrating sustainable multi-stakeholder and landscape ecology based approach to conservation beyond protected areas- Conservation of harriers around the Velavadar Black Buck National Park VIKSAT (Vikram Sarabhai Center for Development Interaction) Nehru Foundation for Development Biodiversity OP-05 $ 44439  
7. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/CC/2016/102/GUJ07 Revival of camel and sheep wool value chain with pastoral craft skills Kachchh Heritage Arts Music Information and Resources (KHAMIR) Climate Change OP-05 $ 38509
8. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/35/GUJ20 Empowering Local Communities for Ecological and Environmental Security and enhanced livelihood Sukhi Mahila Sewa Mandal Climate Changes OP-04 $ 42286
9. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/36/GUJ21 Upscale efforts of sustainable livelihood banking by women’s federation in Dhanpur block, Dahod District. UTTHAN Conservation of Biodiversity OP-04 $ 19273
10. IND/SGP/OP4/Y2/RAF/2009/41/GUJ22 Enhancing Livelihood Options of Small and Marginal Farmers through Development and Management of Ravine Lands VIKSAT Conservation of Biodiversity OP-04 $ 38787
11. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/70/GUJ23 A community approach to availability & Use of Natural Dyes by Kutch Artisans KHAMIR Craft Resource Centre Conservation of Biodiversity OP-04 $ 2168
12. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/05/GUJ16 River Bank Stabilization along Mahi River Basin Foundation of Ecological Security Land Development + Climate Change OP-03 $ 29112
13. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/01/06/GUJ17 Adapting Integrated Approach in Fish Processing Industries to Reduce Natural Resources Consumption and Pollution loads, Lifting the Triple Bottom Lines Veraval Industries Association Climate Change + Biodiversity OP-03 $ 29001
14. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/06/GUJ18 Capacity Building & Skill Enhancement of GEF SGP Partners, Local Groups, Communities and the SGP team on GEF Thematic Areas Nehru Foundation for Development Climate Changes OP-03 $ 35349
15. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/02/06/GUJ19 Model Bio Energy to complement a development project in choosing to be consistent with the principles of ecology, equity and energy efficiency and therby guarantee long tern sustainability of programme Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADE) Climate Change OP-03 $ 29504
16. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/GUJ03 Transformation of Users of Conventional Water Heaters to Solar Water Heaters Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute (SPRERI) Climate Change OP-02 $ 23504
17. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/GUJ/04 Application of Energy Audit and CP tools in Improving Energy Efficiency for cluster of SSIs and SMEs Naroda Industries Association Climate Change OP-02 $ 31283
18. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/GUJ/05 Regulating Bio invasion in Banni Grassland in Kachchh Gujarat Ecological Society (GES) Biodiversity OP-02 $ 23024
19. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/GUJ/06 Capacity Enhancement for Promotion of organic farming in Gujarat JATAN Biodiversity OP-02 $ 25226
20. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/GUJ/07 Community based model of fodder and fuel-wood regeneration to enable Mangrove Restoration VIKAS Biodiversity + Land Degradation OP-02 $ 30813
21. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/GUJ/09 Innovation in media empowerment Darpana Academy of Performing Arts Climate Change OP-02 $ 21978
22. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/GUJ/08 Integrated Energy Efficiency Programme in Rural Sector in North Gujarat LOKVIKAS Climate Change OP-02 $ 32552
23. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/GUJ/10 Skills Enhancement and Capacity Building of GEF thematic areas with partners and local groups Nehru Foundation for Development Climate Change OP-02 $ 45130
24. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/04/GUJ12 Sabar Sena- Water Brigade on the Banks of river Sabarmati to protect and preserve biodiversity and river based civilization Jeevantirth Biodiversity + Land Degradation OP-02 $ 30800
25. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/04/GUJ/11 Demonstration of Energy saving approaches in the VMC Street- Lighting and Water Sanitation Facilities All in Development
Climate Change OP-02 $ 33333
26. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/04/GUJ/13 Initiative for securing Livelihood through Seed Bank by Women’s Federation in Dahod District of Gujarat UTTHAN Development Action Planning Team Biodiversity OP-02 $ 34304
27. SGP GEF/IND/OP2/04/GUJ/14 Livestock led livelihood Program in Patdi Block, District Surendranagar Maldhari Rural Action Group (MARAG) Climate Change OP-02 $ 36810
28. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/04/GUJ/15 Educating and training for bio-medical waste management & handling Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj Memorial Foundation POPs OP-02 $ 37009
29. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/01/GUJ02 Enhancing capacities and capabilities of local communities for Bio-diversity Conservation Vikram Sarabhai Center for Development Interaction (VIKSAT)  Bio diversity OP-02 $ 23094
30. SGP/GEF/IND/OP1/99/GUJ01 Identification and Conservation of Indigenous Flora of Narmada Valley International Rural Educational & Cultural Association Biodiversity OP-01 $ 17598