Andhra Pradesh

Thematic Areas covered are- Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change

S.No Project No. Project Name Thematic Area OP No. SGP Funds NGO
1. IND/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/2013/5/AP02 Community Participated Mangrove Restoration & Management and Livelihood Improvement of dependent Fishermen Communities in Krishna Mangrove Wetlands, in A.P. Climate Change & Bio Diversity OP-05 $40245 Praja Pragathi Seva Sangam (PPSS)
2. IND/SGP/OP5/Y5/FSP/STAR/CC/2017/ 106/AP03 Low cost dry fish production through tunnel solar driers through women SHG’s Climate change OP-05 $11784 Praja Pragathi Seva Sangam (PPSS)
3. IND/SGP/OP4/Y1/RAF/2008/23/AP09 Creating Opportunities for Alternative Energy Through Regeneration of Land and Biological Resources and Livelihood Promotion of Women and Men in India Climate Change & Conservation of Bio Diversity OP-05 $41864 Youth for Action (YAF)
4. IND/SGP/OP4/Y3/RAF/2010/59/AP10 Enhancing community action towards energy and livelihoods in remote areas of Andhra Pradesh. Climate Change OP-04 $31831 Society for Nature Education & Health Awareness (SNEHA)
5. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/1/05/AP06 Model Ecosystem Management involving community in action (MESMICA) Chemical and waste OP-03 $34497 Society for Community Health, Welfare and Environment Protection (SCHWEP)
6. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/03/07/AP07 Community Based Intervention in Biodiversity (Indigenous Fodders) for Restoration of Livelihoods Bio diversity OP-03 $31235 Animal Care Land
7. SGP/GEF/IND/OP3/03/07/AP08 Tirupati Eco City Women Action for Sustainable Sanitation and Environment Management. Climate Change OP-03 $9263 Participatory Employment Net (PEN) India
8. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/02/AP/04 Improved livelihood of Poor in Protected Areas of Biodiversity Conservation Bio diversity OP-02 $9385  SAHJEEVAN- Action for Development
9. SGP/GEF/IND/OP2/03/AP/05 Establishment of fodder bank to promote grassland biodiversity and for sustainable drought relief Bio diversity OP-03 $32667 Animal Care Land
10. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/01/AP02 Developing sustainable agricultural livelihood and conserving bio diversity through integrated nutrient and pest management. Bio diversity OP-02 $34757 Center for Environmental Concerns (CEC)
11. SGP/CCF/IND/OP2/01/AP03 Sustainable Coastal Area Development Programme through Community based mangrove Conservation and Regeneration activities in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.  Bio diversity OP-02 $23094 SRAVANTI
12. SGP/GEF/IND/OP1/99/AP01 Sustainable Agriculture through Agro-Forestry Programme Bio diversity OP-01 $9068 Action for Welfare & Awakening Rural Development (AWARD)