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Planning Grants Systems in SGP

What are Planning Grants?

Planning Grants are envisaged as small grants which enable the partner to envisage developing the proposals into a possible project. They are extended up to a maximum of USD $ 2000 (Rs 90 000) that serve as precursors to full SGP projects.

In what situations would Planning Grants be extended?

  1. When an organization and the communities it works with need to be exposed to experiences outside its own location.
  2. When external resource persons (professionals and experts from communities) need to be invited to the proposed project location to discuss and share their own experiences or even project persons who feel the need to visit and learn better about the projects. 
  3. When an organization needs to do participatory rural appraisals, baseline study or surveys in a location they have not already worked in or in an existing project area where a new project is to be taken up.
  4. When a new technique or technology is desired to be pilot tested, before it is adopted or needs to be replicated over a greater area etc.
  5. When special training / orientation programmes are required to help build capacities in communities and organizations to enable them to take on a full SGP project.
  6. It is expected that full SGP projects would result from the Planning Grants in most cases, unless the results are such that a project is not desirable.

Duration of Planning Grants:
These will be for a maximum period of one year, and the review will take place to extend after carefully analyising the justifications.

Who can get Planning Grants?
Small NGO’s and CBO’s that have credibility locally and fulfill the basic criteria’s of the SGP, but do not have resources to travel to different sites, to pay for consultants or their own costs, to be part of networks etc., or are venturing into a totally new area of work.

Modalities of the Planning Grant:

  1. NSC, RC members, NC or RCs can suggest that an organization take up a planning grant
  2. Organizations can directly apply for a planning grant, describing the long-term objectives. The planning grant needs to follow the same system as for the SGP grant proposals, ie; need to be recommended for approval by the RCMs. This can be than reviewed and approved by a Planning Grants Committee, consisting of Govt. representatives, UNDP and NC. A summary of sanctions and minutes will be presented to the NSC for ratification. The Chairman, NSC of GEF-SGP shall preside the Committee.

The Committee can meet at short notice coordinated by the NC. There will be a maximum of 10 planning grants approved in a year.