Report on Biodiversity Green Haat (Market Place) 2015,
6-12 April 2015 at the New Premises Of MoEF&CC, New Delhi

This event coincided with the Conference of Ministers of Environment & Forests of all States of India which was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and the Guest of Honour was Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Minister for the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Government of India. A newspaper clipping released by the Government of India indicating the set-up of the Green Haat on this occasion is enclosed.

On the one side, the Conference of Ministers was inaugurated on 6th morning itself at a separate venue (Vigyan Bhawan). The GEF/UNDP SGP was invited to support and create an atmosphere to reflect the Prime Minister’s agenda/campaign of “Clean India” (“Swachh Bharat”). The GEF/UNDP CEE SGP organized 41 school children who attended the PM conference and waved the specially designed flags with a variety of messages on supporting the climate-friendly actions. These flags can be seen in many of the photographs that are being attached. one copy attached. The GEF/UNDP SGP standis were displayed on prominent locations and 1500 copies of the re-designed booklet on “Low Carbon Lifestyles” by GEF/SGP were distributed to ALL the State Ministers and high-dignitaries who participated in the 2 day Minister's Conference.

A kiosk for calculating the carbon foot-prints by individuals was displayed, with a volunteer helping the participants how to calculate their own carbon foot-prints. This kiosk was made during the Commonwealth Games and a full programme (Cool Calculator – Together We can - Harnessing the Power of Green Lifestyles in Youth) was supported on this by Intel which can be seen at the website This was developed in partnership with MoEF&CC-GoI, GEF, UNDP, SGP, CEE and Intel.

On the other hand, the Biodiversity Green Haat was set up from 6th April 2015 at the front lawns of the MoEF&CC and was opened up for public, with no entry fee. A total of 43 partners, exclusively of GEF/UNDP SGP NGOs from all over the country put up 34 stalls. They displayed and sold non-timber forest produce – both agro-processed and crafts, herbal and medicinal products and forest-based food items. The United Nations Information Centre has linked up their schools program and are partnering with us. Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, UNIC Director for India and Bhutan along with her staff and Mrs. Karuna Singh, Director-Earth Day Network visited on the first day (6th April) and two brochures were released by them. The GEF/SGP National Coordinator from Kabul, Mr. Aimal Khaurin specially came to learn how to organize, manage and coordinate such a high-level function.

The Green Haat was formally inaugurated by the Minister-MoEF&CC, GoI, Mr. Prakash Javadekar on 7th April 2015 at 8.45 am by cutting the ribbon. Mr. Jaco Cilliers, UNDP RR a.i. and Country Director, along with Dr. Preeti Soni, Head-Energy & Environment Unit also graced the occasion. Amongst the Government officials, the Secretary, Mr. Ashok Lavasa and the Additional Secretary, Mr. Hem Pande visited each and every stall and interacted with the NGO partners on how do they function and how such events will help them. The local media also captured the interviews of the Minister, MoEF&CC and Jaco Cilliers.
Jaco Cilliers also released a brochure “CEE and UN” on the work CEE has done with UN. Jaco and Preeti were also treated with the traditional food prepared on the occasion. The NGO partners were very happy to greet such high dignitaries and garlanded them. A newspaper clipping for the Minister inaugurating the function is enclosed.

The occasion was used as an opportunity to pass the massage to the generation we borrowed the earth from; to save and protect environment, use local materials etc...EVERY DAY 150 school students joined in the GREEN BUILDING and the HAAT to support the cause of environment and encourage the use of local healthy food products in day to day life.

Some of the Environment & Forest Ministers from different States who came to participate in the Conference also visited the Green Haat. These Ministers came to know the work being done by the GEF/UNDP SGP partners in their States which will benefit our partners to link up the subsidies/government schemes for up-scaling their activities. The daily visitors to MoEF&CC from the corporate sector, donors and bilateral/multilateral organizations poured in great number to support the cause of the NGOs. The visitors also included teachers from various schools, staff of UN Agencies, officials of the ministry and other ministries, and the general public on all the days.

The event has been a grand success and the NGOs made a brisk sale of more than Rs.11.50 lacs (US $18,550).  The daily footfall was of nearly 2200 people.  

A strong campaign was made to publicize the event by sending more than 2,500 personal invitations to friends, relatives and all the contacts that we come across on a regular basis. A specially designed leaflet of Green Haat was placed all over in the Ministry premises, prominent locations like UN Reception, Notice Boards of prominent local Conference venues and UN Agencies, and other donors. Radio publicity was also taken up to have regular broad-casts (8 slots daily on all the 7 days) inviting the local public to come and support the cause of community welfare. A copy of the Leaflet is enclosed.

We have been organizing the Green Haat at the requests of MoEF&CC for the past 5 years and our NGO partners have put up stalls at prominent occasions like -

  1. Green Haat at Delhi Haat (2011) which was inaugurated by Mr Jairam Ramesh, the then Minister of Environment and Forests, GOI and attended by  CD-UNDP, Ms. Caitlin Wiesen and Achiem Steiner UNEP as a 40 years celebration of UNEP  and was fully funded by MoEF&CC.

  2. Green Haat at Delhi Haat (2012) which was inaugurated by Secretary MoEF GOI and CD-UNDP, Ms. Caitlin Wiesen and also fully funded by MoEF&CC.

  3. Green Haat at Delhi Haat (2013) which was inaugurated by H'onble Jayanti Natrajan, Minister for Environment and Forests, MoEF GOI and half supported by MoEF&CC and GEF/SGP.

  4. Green Haat Access to Benefit Sharing Workshop of Asia and the Pacific countries at Chennai in the year 2013; supported by NBA and SGP    


The MoEF&CC provided free space, power and security to the stalls of the NGOs and have also linked up the programme with the National Biodiversity Authority for promoting the aims and objectives of NBA who is supporting the event by contributing 25% of the cost.    


The following very high dignitaries visited and interacted with each NGO at their stalls and evinced great interest the way the small SGP grants supported the NGOs and they came up from small women groups to the level of sustainability:

  1. H.E. Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Honorable Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, (MoEF&CC) Government of India.

  2. Mr. Ashok Lavasa, Secretary, MoEF&CC, Government of India

  3. Mr. Saurabh Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum, Government of India.

  4. Mr. Sudhir Mital, Chairman, Competition Commission of India, Government of India

  5. Mr. Shashi Shekhar, Special Secretary, MoEF&CC

  6. Mr. Susheel Kumar, Additional Secretary, MoEF&CC and Chair-GEF/UNDP SGP and GEF Operational Focal Point.

  7. Mr. Hem Pande, Additional Secretary, MoEF&CC, Government of India

  8. Mr. Vishwanath Anand, Former Secretary, MoEF&CC, Government of India

  9. Dr. Jaco Cilliers, Resident Representative a.i. and Country Director, UNDP

  10. Dr. Kevin D. Gallagher, FAO Representative 

  11. Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, UNIC Director for India and Bhutan

  12. Mrs. Karuna A. Singh, Country Director, Earth Day Network, Kolkata

  13. Mr. Irene Dabare, Deputy Country Director and Operations Manager, UNDP

  14. Mr. A.K. Mehta, Joint Secretary, MoEF&CC and SGP Focal Point

  15. Dr. Preeti Soni, Head-Energy & Environment Unit, UNDP

  16. Mr. Younus Fakoor, Governor of Pashtun, Kabul

  17. Mr. Aimal Khaurin, National Coordinator, GEF/UNDP SGP, Kabul

  18. Ms. Shila Ghulam Haider, NGO Partner, GEF/UNDP SGP, Kabul

  19. Many other Joint Secretaries, Directors, Advisors, Deputy Secretaries, and other officials from the MoEF&CC participated whole heartedly.

The Minister felt that we should have such events more frequently.  The Secretary and the Additional Secretary assured all support from the Ministry side whenever we require.  

The NGO partners felt very high and enthusiastic to make full use of this occasion and to have the maximum visibility and linkages to the markets for their sustainability.  A lot of business cards were being exchanged (networking) with the NGO partners for future linkages of their products.  The NGOs replenished their stocks that were exhausted quickly as they had not visualized such a tremendous response. 

Last, but not the least, a waste-disposal machine was installed from Ecoman free of cost (who received free publicity of their product) to ensure that the entire waste that generated from the Green Haat (including food waste during lunch time) was treated and converted into manure to ensure that environment-friendly measures are taken and no unhealthy and unhygienic foot-prints are left of this Green Haat in the entire premises of the new building of MoEF&CC which was highly appreciated by not only the senior officials but the entire staff.  


  • The Director, Amity University, Noida requested the CPM, GEF/UNDP SGP to help them provide four stalls of our NGO partners in their Campus on 13th and 14th April 2015 which was accepted and the stalls have been put up. Another 250 USD worth sale happened. 

  • UNDP wanted one stall of products of our NGO partners to be placed in their premises during the visit of Resident Representatives from the Asia and the Pacific Division on the 13th April which was also accepted and our NGOs made use of the occasion to show-case the SGP activities in India. Another 300 USD worth sale happened. 

  •  MoEF&CC supported the cause for our three project partners by offering the paper waste  that is generated from their premises to them for recycling on regular basis.  A letter has been exchanged to this effect with the Ministry to regularize the system.  The NGOs, in turn, will produce office stationery from the recycled paper and supply at a reasonable price to the Ministry.

  •  The MoEF&CC offered to place a Kiosk of Low Carbon Lifestyles at the Reception area of the Ministry for the benefit of public.

  • Another Kiosk of Low Carbon Lifestyles will be placed in the Ganga Auditorium of the Ministry for the children and the visitors to calculate the carbon emission reduction practiced by them from time to time.

  • The Additional Secretary, MoEF&CC was so convinced with the waste recycling machine that he is issuing a communication to the Secretary-Tourism to promote or rather make essential in all the hotels and restaurants to use composting methods – mechanically or through anaerobic treatment to dispose of the waste in their own premises rather than leaving it to the municipalities to handle it.