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COMDEKS Landscape Baseline Assessment for India Country Program

Society for Strategy Technology and Delivery Development (STADD)

Mr Sanjeev Vasudev

Secretary and CEO

P-92, Lower Ground

Chittranjan Park

New Delhi 110019

Ph.No: 011-40539410         Mob: 9810112773

Email: svasudev@stadd.org





   21 August  



 30 November 2012






US $2031









- To develop Country Programme Landscape  Strategy for community development and Knowledge Management (COMDEKS)




Identification of Landscapes, COMDEKS Baseline assessment and strategy formulation






Daluwala Kalan Gram Panchayat Community Landscape Development Initiative


Friends of Doon Society


Mr. Bharat Sharma, Manager, Administration, C/o EBD Business Centre 49, Rajpur Road,


Uttarakhand  248001

Ph. No. 0135-2654487/ 2733349

Email: friendsofdoon@rediffmail.com




28 June 2013 to

 27 June 2015




US $34,906




US $44023

(Rs.24.82 lacs)


- Safeguard the community against poverty without degrading the local landscape by optimizing resource use within carrying capacity


-Reduce pressure on natural resources through recycling and reuse and ensure environmental sustainability  for better incomes


- Involving Tongia Cultivators,a community living inside the Rajaji National Park, in order to reduce dependency on the  National Park’s natural resources

- Energy and agricultural demands will be met through better use of agro waste and bio waste within village through traditional and modern technology affecting conservation in 7000 hectare


- Implement

Integrated farming approach and range of energy measures for raising the economic condition 


- 3452. MTs of CO2 avoided by implementing low carbon technologies. 

-1920 MTs / 3 yr by  Bio Gas Plants

-23 Mts/ 3 yr by Solar Lanterns









Renewable Energy for Sustainable Land and Resource Management


Lok Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (LPSS)

Mr Shyam Lal,

Sitakot Gongarh,           PO-Saunf, Tehri District Uttarakhand

Mob: 09639821390, 9927010381

Email: lokpss@rediffmail.com




28 June 2013 to

 27 June 2015



US $34,267



US $64296

(Rs.36.25 lacs)


- Protect, conserve and ensure sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystem services to sustain livelihoods of the poor


- Mobilize and involve communities to use renewable energy power from micro hydro mills at village level, develop replicable models.


- Meet energy requirements through biogas plants.



- Establishment of 4 Micro Hydro Power Mills through Community participation and local cost sharing


- Establishment of 16 Micro watermills in the areas as a model program, ensuring a institutional arrangement for local management


- Proper agreements will be done at all levels to ensure sustainability


- Construction of 5 Biogas Plants and cost sharing and ensure equity in creating resources so as to avoid conflicts


-Community mobilization and Capacity building of locals on a range of issues


- Links with NABARD and other institutions for the vegetable program. Thus ensuring marketing at all levels.










Sustainable Landscape Development through eco-tourism based livelihood promotion in Himalayas 


Alakhnanda Ghaati Shilpi Foundation (AAGAAS)


Mr. J.P Maithani,  Pipalkoti District – Chamoli, Uttarakhand 246472

Ph.No. 01372-266588

Email: aagaasfederation@gmail.com








28 June 2013 to

 27 June 2015







US $36,325







US $143987 (Rs 81.18 lacs)


- Livelihood Promotion through landscape management and development practices on a range of issues to cover risks


- Reduce local burden on forests and ecosystems through energy efficiency renewable energy sources


- Popularize alternate technologies to minimize migration; better incomes and resilient lifestyles 



- Promotion in 10 hectares, organic farming, sustainable cropping and production of local pulses and millets with 55 SHGs and nettle production


- Food, vegetable & local fruit processing, preservation will improve health and nutrition status and better incomes.


- Trainings will help in exposure, knowledge sharing, new technology, better agro-techniques, increased awareness level, proper utilization of nutrients. 340 Youth to be trained as artisans


- Reduction in migration and cash outflow after value addition through processing and improved local markets


- Documentation of the Practices, Biodiversity Conservation and 100 medicinal plants in the region










Conserving Bio-diversity for positive human-nature relationship through nature and tourism in Kausani Valley of Almora district

Mahila Haat, New Delhi


Ms.,Krishna Bisht, General Secretary, Kamla Devi Bhawa, 5 Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg,

New Delhi 110002

Ph. No. 011-23237462

Email: mahilahaat@gmail.com






28 June 2013 to

 27 June 2015





US $32,565





US $19457 (Rs.10.97 lacs)

- Conserve biodiversity in the region for promotion of continued nature tourism


- Develop employment opportunity in the area through an “understood” activity.


- Raise awareness and consciousness about conservation of natural resources and future sustainability 


- Establishedment of Village Development Committe of the locals with more than 300 members and institutionalization of the porters, guides, cooks


- Multi-stakeholder participation and collaborations for trek routes, links to the UTK Tourism Board and synchronize the plans for tourism.


- Cyclic use of natural resources to cover risks and adopt sustainable systems


- Promotion  and documentation of local traditions and culture/art for better outreach for tourism


- Contribution to sustainable socio-economics understanding of the areas











Creating Resilient Communities in a Landscape Approach through Institutional Strengthening in Tarikhet Block




Chhatrasal Sewa Sansthan


Mrs. Chandrakala Chauhan, Project Director;

Rameri, Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, India   210301

Mob: 09415144963/ 09759363613

Email: CSS_hmpr@yahoo.com/ ccrchauhan@yahoo.com






28 June 2013 to

 27 June 2015





US $34,533





US $102306

(Rs.57.68 lacs)



- Improving quality of life in villages through SHGs and Women Federation - Jai Shri Krishna (JSK)


- Federating small farmers from 43 villages for better lives and livelihoods through a dairy and farming system approach and also introducing new fodder varieties for better  land productivity


- Participatory planning, institution establishment capacity building in all new 7 villages and nearly 35 women SHGs.


- Livestock strengthening and management operations (SHG formation) through paravets.


- Biogas installation and renewable energy options,  outreach of 400 households directly and 500 indirectly


- Dairy Expansion and market links to be established with all partners; rise per day collection to 3000 liters of milk

Fodder and grass development


- Exposure visits and micro enterprises on landscape approach and introducing skills in local Charkha, power driven looms etc for increased incomes












Value Addition of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs for                                      Income Enhancement


Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG)

Mr. Mukul Prakash, Executive Director,

Village Simayal, PO Nathuwakhan, Nainital District, Uttarakhand


Mob: 09412085732

Email: info@chirag.org  mukul@chirag.org






28 June 2013 to

 27 June 2015





US $33,682





US $110766

(Rs 62.45 lacs)


- Help farmers realize better prices for the produce by adding value to locally sourced grade B and C fruits, vegetables.


- Reduce risk and diversify incomes from multiple sources in agricultural income by encouraging farmers especially women farmers to cultivate herbs and aromatic plants


- Reduce dependence on middlemen and link greater financial stability to farmers and cooperative members



- Ensured economic benefit not only for the members of the cooperatives but non-members through buying their fruits and herbs regularly


- Total 10,000 people will benefit through a business approach sharing benefits through 7 cooperatives and 130 women SHGs.


- Less dependency on middlemen will mean more bargaining power and better margins for the locals.


-Equipments for value addition and processing of the produce e.g. peach, plum, pear, apricot, and apples in fruits and Onions, Ginger and Garlic in vegetables. This will check the local wastage


- Product Development and marketing support systems