Community Development and Knowledge Management for The Satoyama Initiative (COMDEKS)


First Stakeholder Consultation held at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, 28-29 August 2012


The Satoyama Initiative, as it is popularly known, is a global effort being piloted in 10 countries across the world by the GEF UNDP Small Grants Program (GEF UNDP SGP). Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan took its decision to contribute to COMDEKS at COP 10 held in Nagoya that resulted in instituting a # 2 million fund to support the initiative in 10 countries of the world. The implementation is to be carried out through GEF UNDP SGP. Within India, Uttarakhand state has been identified as the chosen area for the COMDEKS initiative, given its mountainous landscape profile with associated vulnerabilities and the traditional knowledge base that makes everyday living sustainable. The main objective of the program is to highlight the multi-functional land use system in which agricultural and natural resource management techniques are used to optimize the benefits desired from local eco-systems. The products obtained (also covering food and fuel) will help safeguard the community livelihood framework against poverty without degrading the land, water and other resources.



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